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Orange Leaders Tuesday July 13, 2010
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One of the most disturbing verses in the Bible is Nehemiah 2:10!  SERIOUSLY!  Nehemiah has a white hot vision from God…a passion to do something about a problem that many people had probably identified but no one had taken action on.  He had raised the resources and established an action plan…

And the Bible clearly says in Nehemiah 2:10 that two guys didn’t like it at all.

What I LOVE about that passage is that all that is said about it was these guys didn’t like it…the very next verse picks up with Nehemiah going ahead with the vision God had placed in his heart…even though with some people it was wildly unpopular (and they let him know this throughout the book.)

(BTW…it is complete foolishness to believe that everyone will be excited and supportive about what you know God has clearly spoken to your heart to accomplish!)

I would almost be willing to bet my last Bible that Nehemiah wasn’t the first person to identify the problem…and I would dare say he wasn’t the first person to try to do something about it.  BUT…the ONE THING that set him apart as the guy who did the “impossible” was that he was completely willing to make a decision that was unpopular with some for the good of so many others!

That is what leaders do… OR we see organizations repeating the same mistakes over and over because someone isn’t willing to sacrifice popularity for the sake of progress!

Thanks to Jill for commenting earlier this week and telling us about this post by Perry Noble. She said that at Parkview Church, in her area, they are working on changing special events. It’s time to evaluate why they are doing them and if they are still successful. So what’s the hot topic need-to-change in your church or ministry right now?

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