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VBS Orange Makeover

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Sunday July 11, 2010
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A local church is transforming the VBS experience into one that includes the entire family. Eastridge Community Church will put on “Go Orange Presents: Secret Service” in July.

“Go Orange Presents: Secret Service” is centered around the concept of serving in secret. Families will learn how God can use anyone to serve others in humility, no matter who they are. The discussion of service will culminate in a missions night, a new feature of Go Orange. Children and their parents will perform “secret missions” for Angel’s House, a children’s shelter, as well as the Covington Police Department.

The seeds of the Go Orange concept were planted a few years ago when several staff members and volunteers attended the Orange Conference in Alpharetta, which is led by the Rethink Group. The Orange Conference presented a program that involved the entire family in learning Biblical virtues. Andrea Hayes, Director of Children’s Ministry at Eastridge, left the conference with ideas on how to put on a Vacation Bible School program using the Go Orange concept.

“The Go Orange concept takes red, which represents the heart of the family, and yellow, which symbolizes the church shining the light of Christ, and combines them to create orange, which stands for the partnership between families and the church,” said Hayes. “We know that parents have more time with their kids than the church does, so we want to partner with them to further their children’s spiritual development in a family worship setting with tools parents can use to bring the spiritual discussions home.”

According to the Eastridge children’s ministry staff, one of the greatest things about the Go Orange program is that anyone can do it. The church relies on the talents and skills of volunteers to make Go Orange run, and they put on the program at minimal cost. The church built a stage set to be reused every year, and the children’s ministry staff clipped coupons to buy snacks. They searched for bargains for crafts; in fact, one day’s craft material was donated. The staff believes that any church can create their own Vacation Bible School program, regardless of budget or size.

–To read the whole newspaper article click here.  To learn more about this church visit eastridgefamily.org

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