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Orange Leaders Saturday July 3, 2010
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When ministry is our world, we forget what it’s like to not even know it exists. I read 2 different blogs of Orange friends this week talking about how they deal with this challenge in their churches.

I laughed out loud reading Gina McClain’s thoughts (not what she actually said) when a parent admitted that she didn’t even know there was programming for her child other than “big church”. Really? How long have you been coming here? But it happens. This got Gina looking with fresh eyes for where signage might be needed including possibly the parking lot and wondering about how to get the ushers involved in spreading the word if they saw children in service. Just in case. Read the full post here. I love her comment about creating a storytelling culture so that it’s not an obvious “plug” when the preacher mentions children’s ministry, but a natural overflow that just has to be shared!

Jonathan Cliff and his church realized that a high percentage of their families come from denominations where kids are expected to attend with parents– there weren’t other options for them, so it wouldn’t occur to them to look. So he came up with a plan and had several short videos (30 seconds each) made. They are both funny and informational– giving a sneak peek behind the scenes into their environment and classrooms. It also shows, rather than just tells, how their Kidsplace ministry on Sunday might be different from what some of the older generation experienced growing up without them ever having to leave their seats. Click here to see the first video.

What do YOU do to spread the word and make your ministry VISIBLE in key ways to the rest of the church and especially visitors?

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