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I am Orange

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Saturday June 26, 2010
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Are you an Orange leader, but maybe you’re the only one at your church with this philosophy… so far? Well, we hope you’ll be encouraged by these thoughts:

Orange 2010 was fabulous.

I scheduled my flight to go out late so that I would see and hear every last bit of the final session for somehow a Magic lies in that time slot.

And indeed it was the very Collision of Donald Miller’s interview, words, and the peeps on the stage that made me want to make a T-shirt that says:

“What is it that is in your heart to do?? Then pursue it with Passion, realizing there is a Sacrifice in doing so, do it to Win and realize that even if you don’t– You MUST die TRYING!!!”

Later when I got on the plane, I thought of the older couple, not elderly, sitting behind us in the Opening Session, that just heard about Orange, but had NO idea what it was. They were married at an older age and he is professional puppeteer.

We talked and talked and she saw that I was ‘alone’. So she asked me, ” Well Cindy, is YOUR church Orange?” being somewhat rhetorical and ready to feel sorry for herself. I think she’d decided that all the people there were from Orange churches.

But I said, “Well, no actually, we are absolutely NOT Orange.” So then she asked, “Well then, why do you do this?” I said, “Well, I guess it’s because I know Jesus and I’m called to be Orange wherever I am.”

That’s when I decided. My church may NEVER EVER EVER EVER be Orange in the days that I live, but I’m called to be Orange while I’m there.

AND it’s not my job to change them but to be Changed myself.

Cindy in Texas

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