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Updates via Facebook

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Orange Leaders Thursday June 24, 2010
<? echo $type; ?> Updates via Facebook

Kenny Conley is a very creative, tech-savvy leader. Look at how he helps parents feel connected with their kids while they’re AWAY at a lock-in or a camp. Kenny says it’s easier than ever to do this with his kids ministry Facebook group.

Awhile back I did a lock-in and I gave 5-8 of my leaders access to the Kids Quest twitter account. It worked well, but only for parents on twitter. BUT, if you’re using a Facebook fan page, your status updates will sync to twitter, so as soon as the update published, Facebook sent it out as a tweet as well. And then I had a few of my staff just posting status updates on FB with pics as often as they could. The parents loved it!

So then for camp, we told them where we were on our travels, showed them pictures of what the kids were eating and let the parents know where we were on the drive home (so they could know what time to arrive). I even created “notes” every day with the content of what I would be teaching that day and giving the parents prayer points. It was a good system and the parents felt like they were actually a part of the camp.

One day we even held a contest asking the parents whether they thought the girls room or the boys room was cleanest. A few hours later we uploaded a video. The parents really got into this. Click here and scroll down to see the video we created that I posted on my blog or click here to jump over to our Facebook page and see the kind of content we were posting.

How do you use technology to help engage parents more?

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