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Using Music Beyond Sundays

Friday June 18, 2010
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Leaders and parents are always looking for good music with a positive message for the kids in their care. In “the Right Mix” Concentrate in the back of the Think Orange book, we highlight the different types of music we intentionally create for our curriculums to help make our message stick in fun and fresh ways.

Faith Songs
Always Christian in theme, but may not be the same as contemplative worship.
*Designed to celebrate faith and a relationship with God

Virtue Songs
These are “crossover songs”, written for every home and any kid’s environment, including school.
*Designed to teach a character principle.

Activity Songs
These are neutral and may even be non-specific in message, they are made to be FUN!
*Designed to engage a child’s imagination and keep their attention.

Bible Story Songs
*Designed to amplify the message of a Bible Story with kids.

Want to create a custom Children’s Worship CD to hand out to volunteers and parents?
You can purchase a Mechanical License and a Master License to burn multiple copies of the songs you use.
*The Mechanical License is provided by the record company who owns the rights to the original song.
*The Master License is provided by the record company that recorded the Master version of the song you will be copying.
NOTE: These licenses are much less expensive that purchasing multiple copies of your music. See Amber Sky Records for more details.

How do you creatively and intentionally use a variety of music in your ministry? How do you get good crossover music into the hands of parents and other adults in your community (like teachers and coaches)?

Joy Bowen has a blast using her ministry experience to coach churches on how to have a greater impact with Orange. At a time when the church stands at a crossroads, she loves that Orange is a beacon of hope for change. Joy lives in Texas with her husband and two boys and she’s currently the only Orange specialist who can give you the inside scoop on the American Idol Experience at Walt Disney World.