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3 Ways to be More Orange by Fall

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday June 17, 2010
<? echo $type; ?> 3 Ways to be More Orange by Fall

For many leaders moving to an Orange approach means navigating change. Talking to Family Ministry leaders, I think that there are some simple, practical changes you can make that get you further faster in shifting to ORANGE. Over the summer, here are three practical steps you could take to catalyze a shift to a more Orange strategy in your family ministry by the Fall.

1. Combine Your Financial Resources

What does your budget say about the priority of an Orange strategy in your church? What would it do for the alignment of your ministry if your volunteer appreciation budget was shared across Family Ministry? What would it do for your working relationship with your Children’s Ministry Director and your passion for children’s ministry if you decided to share your student ministry video budget, event budget, or intern budget? What signal would it send to your lead pastor or your parents if you decided to propose an Orange approach with an Orange budget behind it? Nothing gets people sitting at the same table faster than money.

2. Synchronize your vocabulary

We often think of our family ministries as multiple departments or separate ministries, but parents experience these as a family. The use of common vocabulary for the common experiences across your family ministry helps parents understand the strategy. In what areas of your family ministry can you synchronize your vocabulary? Does your lack of synchronized vocabulary reflect a lack of sitting around the same table, working together?

3. Clarify the Win with Parents

This one sounds easy at first, but it takes some real soul searching. As a family ministry, if you had one thing you could say to parents what would it be? From toddlers to students, what is the win for parents? How are you doing on communicating that win to families?

Do you have other things you’ve done to shift to a more Orange approach that you want to share with other leaders?

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