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Team Dynamics like on American Idol

Yancy Monday June 14, 2010
<? echo $type; ?> Team Dynamics like on American Idol

So we know that ministry is all about working together as a team. We play different roles or parts of the body like the Bible says. But what makes a team great is also the hardest part about being a team. What makes us different from each other can sometimes lead to conflict. But when we learn from each other and work at being a team, we get more than what any of us could accomplish alone.

I recently read an article about the group dynamic on American Idol. I think you’ll recognize a few things that apply to what we do in our churches as well. See how some of these ideas apply in your own ministry.

“As I watched American Idol contestants divide up and perform in group competitions– it was rough! Many of them weren’t used to the give and take singing in a group calls for. Typically someone will name themselves “leader” of the group, but their leadership skills may leave much to be desired.

When everyone is allowed to have their ideas heard there is not only more creativity generated, but better morale among the members. Yes, a group needs a leader; but leading doesn’t mean telling everyone what to sing or play all the time. Nothing will kill the creative spirit quicker than that.

A good leader knows how to let everyone be heard and how to diplomatically make decisions for the overall good of the band. You’ll learn about the different roles in a band and what each member of the band needs to know to develop to their fullest potential onstage.”

Think back on all the teams you’ve been a part of. Which one was the most enjoyable or successful? What made it that way? Did the leader do anything different?

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