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Catching Volunteers…

Bre Hallberg
Bre Hallberg Friday May 28, 2010
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Darren Kizer currently leads the family ministry team and strategizes with the leadership team at Parker Hill Community Church in Scranton, Pennsylvania. His journey has included Bible college, a hilarious masters degree in recreation, one heck of a good time as a camp director, inspiring years as manager of a wilderness leadership organization, and the pursuit of a doctorate focused upon student internships, family ministry and advocacy. Not to mention he is married, to Becky Kizer, one of our Orange Specialists!

Hear what Kenny Conley had to say after attending one of Darren’s breakouts at Orange 10!

One of the key take-aways for me was this: What I did to recruit a volunteer is different from what I had to do to keep a volunteer. A person usually volunteers because they want to do something good. They stay because they they are getting stuff out of their volunteering.

Darren shared some great resources including a too called VSI, that indicates people’s satisfaction about where they are in an organization. According to this VSI, there are four factors that relate to retention. When an employee or volunteer scores high in these four factors, it relates to them being satisfied and happy in their role.

Organizational Support – Do they have the tools that they need to be successful? Are they fully resourced? Are they frustrated due to a lack of training or resources? Equip, equip, equip!

Group Integration – Do they feel like they’re a part of a team? Are there others that they can connect with while doing their role? People need community!

Participatory Efficacy – If people don’t see success or hear stories of success, they’ll wonder why they’re dong what they’re doing. They need to know that they’re making a difference and that their efforts are valuable to the organization and to others.

Empowerment – Do they have a say in the game? Can they make decisions or take action? Do they feel as if their hands are tied? This is one of the quickest ways to kill a high-impact leader/volunteer.

As a volunteer, what makes you want to remain a part of the ministry you serve in?

As a leader, what are some of the practical ways you create a place where volunteers are excited to serve?

Bre Hallberg has been in ministry for 15 years. She began her career by helping start a church plant in Orlando, Florida, and has been on staff at Orange for almost eight years. She’s works primarily with Orange’s leadership resources and helping churches implement the Orange strategy. She still lives in sunny Florida with her husband, two kids, and giant great dane, named Hazel.