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5 Stupid Things…

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Orange Leaders Wednesday May 26, 2010
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Sherry Surratt serves as central support pastor and children’s minister for the 13 campuses of Seacoast Church in South Carolina.

Jonathan Cliff, attended her breakout at Orange…

After lunch today I was in the breakout led by Sherry Surratt, from Seacoast Christian Center. She taught on “5 Stupid Things that Keep your Children’s Ministry from Growing.” She kicked my butt in this session!

“It’s OK to be stupid, but it’s NOT ok to sit in it.”

1. Believing It’s All about the Lesson
Kid’s need a great time with great friends, that ends with a powerful moment with God.
Do my kids laugh in the last 5 minutes I’m with them?
Psalm 16:11

2. Playing Gilligan’s Island
Connecting with others outside of my church.
I need to learn from others that I’m not the only one that fails.
I also need to connect with kids outside of my church.

3. Putting Volunteers in the Driving Seat
We need to stay true to our ministry values, mission, and vision…not the opinions of volunteers.
Be careful with volunteer survey’s // Don’t allow answers beyond the possibilities.
Desperation leads to dysfunction!

4. Looking at the world through Old Lady Glasses
It’s easy to forget being a kid.
Think like a “kid.”
We too often expect kids to not be kids!

5. Not Paying attention to the Sigmoid Curve
This is a confusing one, but you need to look it up on Wikipedia
While God’s truth never changes, we need to evaluate everything else we do for change!
Best time to change is when things are going well.
When did I last make a change? Why have I not?

Out of the 5 things mentioned above, what is the hardest/easiest for you to address in your own ministry?

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