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Influencing Transition

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Wednesday May 19, 2010
<? echo $type; ?> Influencing Transition

by Jonathan Cliff

By far my favorite breakout this year was taught by Pastor Larry L. Thompson of First Baptist in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Larry taught on influencing transition and the five circles of change. I’m going to attempt to bring you the best of what I heard:

5 Keys to Influence Transition:

Common Sense
People respect and respond to a leader you uses common sense led by the Holy Spirit.

Is the change and transition compatible with the core values of the organization?

The changes has to be simply understood. If it’s too complex, people will jump ship.

Let people see, feel, smell, touch, and taste the change.
People will resist the unknow, let them know!


5 Circles of Change

Change Agent // The Inspector // Determine the situation, develop the vision, and discover the need for change.

Main Person // The Input // Give vision to the main person in a personal way.

Decision Maker // The Influencer // Respect their influence.

Those Most Involved // Those Involved // Provide them the opportunity to “test-drive” change

The Members // Intention // Be careful in timing this well…

One of the greatest traits of a leader is the ability to transition people through change.

What transitions are you faced with right now? What are the next steps that you will take to transition the families and volunteers in your ministry through the changes that need to take place?

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