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All the Single Ladies

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday April 22, 2010
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Today we have a guest post from Abbie Smith about her upcoming breakout for “All the Single Ladies… in Ministry”. Abbie is the author of Can You Keep You Faith in College and Slow Fade, with Reggie Joiner and Chuck Bomar. Read more at her blog.

Recently I threw-out the question on my facebook status: Who/what comes to mind when you hear the phrase “single women in ministry?”  And what (if anything) has been meaningful toward you feeling included in the church, or complete in your identity in this role? (I invited marrieds and men to pipe-in, too).  The feedback was astonishing.  Some responded publicly, while more vulnerable responses were sent to my inbox.  All, however, revealed the alarmingly dim understanding, and no less, treatment, of today’s single woman.  From being viewed as “less than competent,” or “incomplete,” because of one’s single status, to churches wavering as to how one should handle a gifted, strong female, this topic is wreaking havoc in modern ministry circles.  Singleness is hard enough, and tack-on being female and in ministry, and you’re bound for a windy road.  So from a first-hand perspective, I look forward to unpacking a range of topics during this breakout, from identity and “waiting well,” to disappointment and Truths about our call as single women.

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