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New this Summer

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday April 20, 2010
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Camp KidJam is a children’s camp designed around the principles of 252Basics curriculum, which is a part of the Orange Strategy. It teaches children to grow in wisdom, faith, and friendship. Camp KidJam also elevates the significance of small groups and also provides excellent leadership training for leaders attending camp.

Camp KidJam is in it’s 4th year and over that time we have seen over 90% growth in attendance from our 200 attendees our pilot year, to the more than 2,900 attendees we have registered for 2010. So, if you haven’t registered yet, it’s not too late, rush to your computer, and go to www.campkidjam.com to register now!

Our curriculum this summer will explore Paul’s journey and story of his radical faith. Kids are faced with critical questions about faith, and we at Camp KidJam are so excited to give kids an opportunity to find answers to some of those vital questions through practical applications like: How to navigate the Bible, how to personalize scripture, and how to worship God with their lives and at the same time having an insanely good time having fun, making it an unforgettable summer experience.

Speaking of summer experience. We know summer is a busy time for your children’s ministry! Volunteers go on vacation, kids are more wired than usual and if you’re lucky, you get a short vacation too! So, how do you still maintain quality programming with a limited number of volunteers? Chase The Light Curriculum In A Box is the perfect solution to create a Summer Series, VBS or your very own camp!

Chase The Light takes a look at the stories of people who came into contact with Jesus and how He changed their lives forever. The people who met Jesus weren’t always the most normal people around so we like to refer to them as “The Misfit Brigade.” We’ll talk in depth about “The Misfit Brigade” and their individual stories of a journey from darkness into light. Chase the Light In A Box is available online at the and during the Orange Conference 2010.

At Orange Leaders, we influence those who influence the next generation. We do that by creating resources and products that help leaders like you do ministry better.