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A Flood of Service

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Monday April 19, 2010
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Today’s guest post is by Kimberly Scales. You can read more about her organization FLOOD at www.floodstudentmissions.org. She is leading a breakout at the Orange Conference on transforming a student’s heart through serving.

When I asked some of my students to come with me to the Orange Conference to share with adults their experiences in serving, they were all over it. I love that about students- they love to share their hearts about serving others. They literally light up! Don’t get me wrong, there are obviously those students who don’t have that bent at all and it feels like pulling teeth just to convince them that it will change them. But once we get them there they quickly realize that we kinda knew “what we were talking about.”

We really try our best to prepare their hearts for what they will experience but sometimes we are off the mark. BUT and that is a big BUT, it really isn’t up to us as an organization. We can do our darndest but ultimately it is God who is doing the work and we LOVE that! Just over the last month we have seen some AMAZING things happen in the hearts of our students and with those we serve in the community. We can’t wait to share what God is up to when it comes to students serving and how Orange can be a catalyst to continue that in other ministries.

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