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Aligning Parents For a Vision of Family

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday April 8, 2010
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Today we’re spotlighting another Orange 2010 Breakout Speaker— Andy Tilly. He is on staff at Cross Timbers Community Church, a multi-campus church based in Argyle, Texas, as the Director of United Students & CT Kids. Check out what he has to say both in this post and on his video.

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to do as a leader within the church is to change the culture of a church!

I would sum up the idea of the culture of a church as how the church itself moves or the perception of the people that make up the church. Most of us didn’t create the culture of the church, yet have the duty to change it, and how they see our ministries. This process takes time and isn’t easy. When the culture changes we can use it to influence our families with God’s principles in ways we haven’t before. In my years of leading within the church world, I have never had a parent who is not on board with the idea of family ministry. The difficulty lies in incorporating families’ busy lives with the church culture. It is in the task of aligning families with church culture that can get interesting and for me where the fun begins. We’ll continue this conversation on a second post tomorrow and below with your comments.

How do you see your church aligning families with your church culture?

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