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Believe Me, I Get Down!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Wednesday March 10, 2010
<? echo $type; ?> Believe Me, I Get Down!

Guest Post by LauraLee Shaw–served as a kids’ worship leader for twenty years and now writes at www.lovinthearts.com.

One morning, unaware of the poor lighting on the edge of the stage, I tumbled from it while leading worship. I fell all the way on my rumpus, a group of fourth grade boys seemingly entertained more than a movie with popcorn, candy and Coca-cola.

Talk about embarrassing. I sprung up, though, smiled through the aches and finished out the worship set. Unfortunately, “Get Down” was the next song. Ha!

Most of us as kids’ worship leaders have had something humiliating happen to us, i.e. forgetting words or motions, dropping our mic, stuttering over an introduction, accidentally smacking the person beside us as we praise. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will eventually.

How do you handle the bloopers, blunders and me-wonders that happen to you while leading? Attitude wise, I mean. Dozens of responses could’ve stemmed from my fall—from chewing out the person in charge of the lighting to running off the stage and crying in shame—which could’ve led to a different type of stumble. A bigger one.

James 3 says, “We all stumble in many ways.” Ministry mistakes—big and small—are no exception. Some are accidental. Others surface from improper attitudes or motives. One of the biggest lessons experience has taught me, though, is to learn from my slip-ups, make any necessary apologies, then get back to the business of praising.

When you stumble, do you get down and stay down or let the Lord lift you up? How have you led through your ministry mess-ups?

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