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Are milestones specific to areas we serve?

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Orange Leaders Friday March 5, 2010
<? echo $type; ?> Are milestones specific to areas we serve?

Jonathan Cliff is another children’s ministry blogger that we love to follow. I’d never thought of learning to read as a milestone before this guest post:

There are so many milestones that we are seeking to discover. We are looking for the obvious ones like, the birth of a child or when that kid later commits to salvation and baptism. There are other less obvious ones, like when a boy starts to think that the opposite sex is worthy of their attention…Yikes! Another thing that we need to consider is location, location, location. Many milestones will be specific to where we are serving.

For instance, the age that a child learns to read is highly dependent on the involvement of parents and the quality of the school system they are involved in. The level of parental involvement can figure into many of these milestones, and as somebody that has served in two very different socio-economic regions; that can change drastically from location to location.

You need to get to know your community, and learn how your community might differ from others. Too often we want to mimic the actions of others in successful churches or ministries, yet we don’t minister to the same families. Take the time to know who you’re audience is, and minister to them. There are times that you will need to push them in directions that may seem uncomfortable, but you should never be in a place of asking parents to do things that are totally out of the ordinary. Learning to work within the ordinary of your location, will help you to bring about the extraordinary results you are praying for!

What milestones are you discovering in your area? What milestones do you think are more universal?

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