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Milestones as reference points

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday March 4, 2010
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Last week on Thursday’s webcast highlighted on www.makingoforange.com we started a conversation on Milestones. We invited a bunch of amazing children’s ministry bloggers to guest post with their thoughts on this topic. JC is kicking us off with these thoughts- check out his blog, jcisonline to read more posts. Join us today 2 pm EST for a webcast with Reggie on parent initiatives.

I’d really like to focus on a specific aspect of the milestone for this post. You see milestones are generally used to provide reference points along the journey. They should be viewed in a way that allows families to say, “Ok we’re on the right track”. They provide focus and guidance for parents. But honestly, I also think they can be tough to understand. If we see them as reference points then they hold the correct place in the realm of a child’s life. However, when they are skewed as goals or items on a checklist then the results could be ineffective.

From Dedication forward, parents begin to put pressure on themselves to perform well as parental units. By casting the vision of a journey rather than getting to salvation/baptism or to the teen years without error, we hope to see parents take some pressure off themselves and their kids. Not only that but provide proper opportunities for kids to question and grow in their view of God and Christ.

The purpose of milestones is to give people a picture of the long term, the overall life experience of a child rather than isolated singular events. Why is this small thought important?  What do milestones make you think of in children’s ministry?

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