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An ORANGE Twist on Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday February 25, 2010
<? echo $type; ?> An ORANGE Twist on Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

by Angela W. Simpson

I have a favorite T-shirt. It’s been worn so much the cotton feels like cashmere. It’s green with a big white recycling symbol on the front.

A year or so ago, I threw the shirt on and the logo caused me to have an “a-ha” moment. The “a-ha” was less about the environment and more about how we do ministry in the church.

Let’s face it: Church budgets are tight. We could all use more resources, more staff, more money. But, the reality we face is that of limited resources.

So, my fav tee got me thinking . . .

What if . . . we reduced the ministry load we carry by partnering with other churches doing similar things?

What if we reused props, costumes, backdrops, etc. that other churches have created or purchased?

What if we recycled our effective programs, events, and ideas to help other churches? What if we even recycled our most valuable asset—actors—by sharing them with other Orange churches?

After some prayerful thinking, we put our ideas into action.  Currently, we share our actors, props, choreography, and more. Our collaborative partnerships have made us more creative, more compelling, and more relevant with kids and families! And, the bonus is that all the churches are saving a ton of money.

What if we as the church could be better, smarter stewards of the resources God has given us by partnering to maximize our influence?

So, how have you “gone green” by partnering with other Orange churches?

Angela Wade Simpson is Director of Children and Family Ministries, Grace Presbyterian Church in Houston, Texas.

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