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Say this, Not that

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday February 18, 2010
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Today at 2 pm EST Reggie Joiner and Chuck Bomar will be speaking live on a webcast about the fade-out of 18-25 years olds from the Church Body. I’ll be on the live chat to help answer questions too.  The three of us wrote a book called “Slow Fade” dropping in April. But in the meantime, below is an addendum of sorts, offering ideas of what we’d do well to not keep saying to college-aged and single people.

It can be tough interacting with an age-stage entirely removed from your own. And as much as the following isn’t meant as a prescription for relating to college-aged and single people, it does hope to lend some fresh ideas.

Given hundreds of conversations with college-aged people, I’ve found the “INSTEAD OFs” to be our standard approach in relating to them, and the “HOW ABOUTs” as a possible alternative.

INSTEAD OF asking what the person wants to do with the rest of their life…
HOW ABOUT asking what they enjoy. Ask (and you’ll likely have to help answer) how it is God has uniquely designed them, and how they might walk out that vocation today.

INSTEAD OF honing in on accolades and accomplishments…
HOW ABOUT reflecting valuable parts of their character and how you see God at work in one’s story.
This is just a teaser of what’s in the book.

What have you found refreshing and challenging in ministering to 18-25 year old’s?  What “INSTEAD OFS” and “HOW ABOUTS” can you add to this list of what not to say? (by Abbie Smith– read more at <a href="https://www.conversantlife.com/">https://www.conversantlife.com/)

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