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What's your burn rate?

Wednesday February 17, 2010
<? echo $type; ?> What's your burn rate?

My husband and I both love to lead children’s worship. One week he wore a Body Bug from 24 Hour Fitness that records your physical activity throughout the day during our worship set. When he downloaded his daily activity, it showed that he burned more calories per minute leading worship than for any other activity he did in his workouts! (Seriously! More than the treadmill!)

Part of the design of our worship time with kids is to expend some energy so they can be focused during the teaching. If your kids are fidgety for your Bible story time, chances are you didn’t “dance it out” enough. If you leave the stage without breaking a sweat, something is wrong. So here’s the question: What’s your burn rate?

When choosing songs for your worship set, I generally suggest choosing one fast tempo song, one mid-tempo song and then, (if you have time), choose one contemplative song. The goal of the first two songs is to release some energy into the room. You are, in a sense, setting them up for their more reflective, contemplative song.

Being intentional about the energy level on stage and song selections help put the odds in the worship leader’s favor that kids will engage and participate. How do you use tempo to more effectively guide your kids into greater participation and deeper moments of worship? What’s your favorite worship song to sing with the kids? (Lately, mine has been “Get Down Remix”!)

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