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A First Look at the Creation Musical

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Saturday February 6, 2010
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This fall our First Look curriculum introduced Creation to preschoolers with an all out extravaganza. With lessons that included making a Creation mural in large group and tons of hands on activities, the Creation two month unit was a hit with preschoolers and leaders alike. Perhaps the best part of the entire unit was “The Creation Musical.” This fun and purposeful song taught preschoolers the days of Creation through great music and lots of movement. Here is one church that brought their preschoolers to main service to show everyone what they had learned about Creation.

“It truly was a blessing for our congregation to see this little guys worshipping with all their hearts. Countless parents came up to me afterward explaining what a joy it was to see them. One mom in particular, who was visiting our church that Sunday, came to me in tears because she volunteers in the preschool environment at her church (where they also do First Look) and so she was able to sing along. She explained how amazed she was to see how God is uniting different churches to invest in their children in the same ways. And how it was just made her appreciate our curriculum. So thank you guys for all you do to help create those first impressions of our Heavenly Father and how you are bringing churches and families together across the nation!” (Video and Testimony from Daniel De Jesus, Children’s Pastor at Collin Creek Community Church.)

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