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The Magic of Coffee Cake

Tim Walker
Tim Walker Tuesday February 2, 2010
<? echo $type; ?> The Magic of Coffee Cake

I’m the next Food Network Star. Yes, it’s a bold claim but I have uncovered a food secret even Alton Brown doesn’t know.

Years ago, I was teaching a high school Sunday School class. The previous teacher brought a buffet every week with pizza, subs and doughnuts, and I was also expected to feed these students. But I just didn’t have the time or the money to pull that off.

So one day, I discovered this crumb coffee cake mix in the baking aisle and decided to give it a try. I followed the directions on the mix (yes, guys can follow directions), baked the coffee cake, threatened my childrens’ lives if they ate a piece, and took it to the church.

Now Sunday School for teens is, well, gut wrenching. It’s the last place they want to be. But they devoured the coffee cake. They talked about it. In fact, they talked more about the coffee cake than they did Jesus. So I made it again the next week and the week after that. After a while, it was the first thing they asked for when they walked in the room.

But I started seeing something different happening with the students. They seemed more connected with me. We started talking more.  The coffee cake opened the door for me. In fact, I still use that same $2 mix now with my small group. It’s magical. Sometimes I wonder if the way to a teenager’s soul is through their stomach.

Tim Walker is the managing editor for parent curriculum at Orange. He has been married to his wife, Jennifer, for over 25 years and has three sons.