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Stand Up Meeting

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Monday January 18, 2010
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I admit it took a while for the team to warm up to the idea, but now it’s not uncommon to hear in the office on Tuesday morning, “It’s your turn and you’re going to have the best week ever!”  And honestly, they usually do.

But in the beginning   it was more like “Another meeting?”

“Yes, isn’t it great?” I replied with great gusto that overcompensated for the fear of possible revolt and mutiny.  “Don’t worry, it will only be 25 minutes and it includes your morning coffee.” 

I chose Tuesday because our part-timers come in and it’s the one day the whole staff  (nursery through students) can be in the same meeting.

  • 8:45am- Meet for coffee and goodies. We take 10 minutes to wander in, have the incidental conversation and the intentional “hey, we should meet and talk about” discussions. This is critical for part-time staff!
  • 8:55am- One of the team gives either a testimony of what is happening in their area or a status update on how they are doing. Then everyone has an opportunity to participate in the story of what God is doing with kids and students. We get to share in both the sorrow and joy of each team member’s work.
  • 9:05 am- We pray for the person sharing, those impacted by their particular ministry and for any upcoming events during the week ahead.
  •  9:10- We conclude and move on with the work day.

What do you in your ministry to connect staff relationally by sharing and celebrating?  I’d love to hear. 

–Brian Vanderark

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