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Gifted or Not- Part 2

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday January 15, 2010
<? echo $type; ?> Gifted or Not- Part 2

We need to focus on the character of people and intentionally think through whether or not giving them a leadership position (in any capacity) is best for their long term character development.  We don’t usually think about it this way.  We see the gifts someone has and then typically plug them into ministry…trying thinking they’ll build character as they go.  But what if it leads to so much pride that it causes their ministry to come to an end?  So, I’d encourage you to be very mindful of who you place in leadership – and when.  People don’t need to be perfect (we certainly are not), but there ought to be a balance of how we lead them in developing both their character and giftedness.

College age people can have a tendency to push for their gifts to be developed, but not necessarily their character.  They want to be used by God, which is a great thing, but they can have limited life experience to see beyond this and into their own heart.  God desires them to be Christ-like in character, but they won’t necessarily be used in the same way as Christ. What experiences have you had trying to help other leaders grow not only in giftedness, but in character?  What were obstacles or challenges that we could relate with or learn from?  

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