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How to plan for the new year

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday January 1, 2010
<? echo $type; ?> How to plan for the new year

Setting goals and making plans is important, but if they’re never monitored or implemented, those goals are worthless. It’s like keeping a winning lottery ticket in your coat pocket for a year but never actually cashing it in. On this New Year’s Day, spend a few minutes thinking about how to reach the goals you set yesterday and make a plan that’s sustainable.

How often will you review your goals? Schedule regular time with yourself (e.g. weekly, monthly, or quarterly) to address them. Put these times on the calendar and don’t let anything interfere with them. Create an agenda for these meetings with yourself so you know what to accomplish while you’re there.

Which goals are changeable and which are set in stone? In some cases, you may arrive in June and realize that a goal you set in January is no longer relevant. The danger in this, however, is that you may give yourself an “out” for not accomplishing something when it becomes difficult. Decide in advance which goals will be set firm and which may be changed as necessary (for example, working through a discipling plan with your son might be set in stone, but running a marathon may be changeable if you decide to participate in a triathlon instead).

Who will hold you accountable? Even the most disciplined person needs some accountability. Choose a friend who will walk beside you this year and help you maintain focus on the goals you set. This person may meet with you as you review your goals, or he or she may just check in occasionally to be sure you’re sticking with the plan. Either way, involve another person in your goal-setting to ensure things get done.

Happy New Year!

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