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Inspiring the yellows and the reds

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Saturday December 5, 2009
<? echo $type; ?> Inspiring the yellows and the reds

James Halfhill, youth pastor at Killearn United Methodist Church in Tallahassee, Florida posted a few words after reading Think Orange that exemplify the spirit of the church partnering with families.

The very concept of helping our parents reinvest in the spiritual journey of the students is what I have been searching for. The practical concepts within the book have caused me to look more carefully at the means in which we begin the conversation within the ministry I am responsible for, and to look at our children’s ministry for the means to change the culture within our church.

Student ministry as we know it is changing, and we must be alert to what is going on. As we continue to face an ever growing and constantly going society it is becoming consistently important that we help empower our parents with all the tools necessary to make a life-long impact in their students. My excitement is that we can approach this more from an organic grassroots perspective. Simply, getting parents and youth workers collaborating together to make a life-long impact on the students. The wonderful thing about the book is that it’s not one of those quick and easy steps to success books, but rather one that points in a direction and coaches you in the discovery of the process. The hope is that it inspires a conversation between the Yellows [the bright lights of churches] and the Reds [the warm hearts of families] so they can create that amazing color Orange.

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