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Squeeze the Orange – Part 2

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Wednesday December 2, 2009
<? echo $type; ?> Squeeze the Orange – Part 2

We’re continuing a series of posts from Todd Clark about squeezing the Orange philosophy all over your ministry. See Part 1 here.

The second benefit of an Orange philosophy being squeezed into your staff this coming year is … Chemistry.

When everyone on your staff is headed in the same direction, an infectious culture is created. A culture of chemistry is even more valuable than money to many staff members. Chemistry is in many ways synonymous with harmony which is to be prized and guarded at all costs because a house, or staff, divided against itself cannot stand.

Here are four ways to grow chemistry within your staff:

1. Create commonalities. The more your team shares in common, the more potential chemistry will be created. For instance, as often as possible do things together outside the office. If the only thing you have in common as a staff is the address of your church, chemistry will be hard to cultivate.

2. Spend a considerable amount of time in the hiring process.
Make sure that any person you hire is not only gifted but also really gets what your church is about. Be sure that your team has a chance to chime in and meet the potential new team member before the employment offer is extended.

3. Read books together.
When your staff reads together, your minds begin to bend in the same direction.

4. Celebrate team members. When team members are celebrated, their hearts are thankful, and that translates into endearment. People who feel endeared to a team will typically be very open to investing their lives in creating chemistry.

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