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Squeeze the Orange – Part 1

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday December 1, 2009
<? echo $type; ?> Squeeze the Orange – Part 1

Today begins a series of posts from Todd Clark about getting your staff and volunteers to buy in to the Orange philosophy. Yes, you may get a little sticky, but it’s worth it!

Is it really worth the time and energy it will take in 2010 to “squeeze the orange” philosophy into your church staff?

The answer is YES.

When it comes to your staff the truth is, if they do not get the “sticky orange” philosophy all over them, they will never be able to share the sweetness with others.

There are three huge benefits to an Orange staff alignment, and I’ll be addressing them over the next three days.

Benefit #1: Synergy

Synergy is far more than momentum, as momentum can actually be very dangerous if you are not headed in the right direction. Synergy is focused energy. It is amazing how much we can achieve when everyone is complementing each other rather than competing with each other.

Here are five ways you can seek synergy on your staff:

1. Constant Communication – Engaging, informative, well-thought-out weekly staff meetings and creative monthly dream sessions.

2. Cultivate Chemistry – Spending time with each other outside the office just doing life together. Shared experiences enhance synergy.

3. Valuing Everyone’s Voice – It does not matter what positions people hold on your team. There should be a path where their voices can be heard and their ideas implemented. Your staff needs to know that any one of them can have a ripple effect on the future of your church.

4. Create slogans to further clarify your church’s mission and vision. These slogans, if sticky, will create synergy.

5. Ask members of your team, who may typically work alone, to cooperate on projects. When team members cooperate, the combined outcome should be synergistic for those staff members. Teamwork will make the dream work!

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