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Ten Marks Of A Super Leader

Jim Wideman
Jim Wideman Tuesday November 17, 2009
<? echo $type; ?> Ten Marks Of A Super Leader

Jim Wideman is doing a great series of posts about the ten marks of a super leader – something we can all learn from!

1. A super leader has to see things before they happen. Long before I ministered to thousands of kids I saw it. Long before I had a national ministry I saw it. I don’t pastor the ministry I have, I pastor the ministry I want to have. See the vision. Set the right goals. See what needs to be improved. Develop the plan to get it done!

2. A super leader connects with other leaders. You must feel comfortable with the leaders above you. There must be a connection with co-workers. You must be respected by those you lead. Seek out friendships and relationships with leaders who will help you sharpen your skills and thinking.

3. A super leader can assess priorities and see what is important and throw off that which is unimportant. Life can get complex; a supper leader keeps things simple. Know how, what, and who to delegate to.

4. A super leader gives order. Flowcharts, job descriptions, policies, and procedures are a great place to start. Keep updating. One of my favorite questions is, “Is there a better way to do what we are doing?” Training helps to maintain order.

See the rest at Jim’s blog.

Jim is considered an innovator, a pioneer and one of the fathers of the modern family ministry movement. He is a speaker, teacher, and author, with over 40 years of experience in the local church. Jim is also an Orange Thinker and is helping to lead “NextGen Staff Solutions” by staffing the church with those who influence kids and teenagers. Jim and his amazing wife, Julie, have two daughters, and two grandsons (one here and one on the way.)