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Large group environments, part 2

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday September 29, 2009
<? echo $type; ?> Large group environments, part 2

We’re continuing a series of posts by Kendra Fleming with tips on how to keep your large group environments running as smooth as silk. See part 1 here.

  • Give volunteers plenty of time to prepare.

Make sure that your communicators, producers, and technical support have at least a week to prepare for Sunday. We send all of our content out a month in advance and then follow it up with a weekly reminder. Last-minute preparation means that your communicators and production team are not as confident or well-rehearsed.

What a shame to go to all the trouble to write and edit the content, gather all your lighting and sound cues, purchase props, load computers, and then your main communicator has to pull a rabbit out of his or her hat at the last minute.

  • Provide everything your volunteers need.

Be sure all costumes, props, music, a Bible, and a even a bottle of water are ready for your volunteers. Print a hard copy of the script and production order for all of your volunteers.

Nothing throws the production off more quickly than trying to ad lib without the things you need. If you know you are going to be changing some of the suggested items from the original script, make sure you change it in the editing process so you minimize the confusion on Sunday.

Still more tips tomorrow!

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