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Large group envrionments: Smooth as silk

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Monday September 28, 2009
<? echo $type; ?> Large group envrionments: Smooth as silk

If you use 252 Basics like we do, then every Sunday you unpack the Bible Story and lead your kids to worship in your Large Group environment. This is your big chance to communicate the truth of God’s word in such a way that it engages the kids and sticks with them!

You and I both know that you can have the most amazing content and any number of things can still go wrong. And nothing is more frustrating than to know that you missed your mark with the kids due to distractions in the production or small mistakes.

Here are a few things that have helped us run a large group environment that’s as smooth as silk:

  • Read and edit all content in advance.

One of the greatest things about 252 Basics is that you can edit it! I recommend you read it with a team as soon as it is posted and make any small tweaks that will help the production fit your space, your communicators, and your technical abilities.

  • Make stage directions clear and simple.

We schedule different communicators every week and try to keep things interesting by having storytellers enter from different locations, changing up lighting, or having hosts open with different high-energy interactions. Don’t get complicated!

  • Thoroughly prepare all computers, lighting cues, music, sound effects, props, etc. in advance.

If you save some of this for Sunday morning then you are just asking for trouble. Doing this in advance means that you know all the pieces of the puzzle and you are in the best position to walk your volunteers through the many parts of the production.

Come back for more tips tomorrow!

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