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Idea for an easy family experience

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Wednesday September 23, 2009
<? echo $type; ?> Idea for an easy family experience

Our Children’s Ministry is large, serving about 1300 kids every weekend. Connecting with kids and families is always a challenge, but this summer we found a creative way to do so by hosting “Children’s Ministry Hits the Streets!” On these days, our ministry team would advertise that we were going to be at the park between 12:00 and 2:00p.m. and invited families to pack a picnic lunch and join us. It was a family event, so families had to attend together, and parents were still in charge of their kids! We brought freezie pops and some balls and hung out with families from our church for two hours.

Those who attended one of the three events we hosted said they had a blast, and they were able to connect with our pastoral staff in a unique way. Here’s another interesting tidbit: Several families who did not attend commented afterwards that although they were not able to come, they appreciated the option. It was a low-commitment, free, come-if-you-can event, and people felt a connection to our ministry, even if they couldn’t come. It was a great way to add relational value to the ministry we do each week on Sundays.

This great idea comes to us from Rebecca O’Mara, the Elementary Worship Experience Designer at 12Stone Church. She has the amazing job of designing worship experiences that invite elementary-age children to connect with God and learn about the life He desires for them to live.

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