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Shades of Orange

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Orange Leaders Monday July 13, 2009
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Something I have had to learn and accept as a lead pastor is there are many variations of Orange. When we started Discovery Church in Southern California six years ago, the only Orange hue we knew was North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA. The good news is North Point was a very vibrant hue. The bad news is North Point was a very vibrant hue!

I quickly came to realize that when you compare what you know about your church to what you don’t know about another church, you will always come up short. Furthermore, it is impossible to perfectly reproduce a hue. I and many other lead pastors have been on a journey the past several years in discovering which shade of “Orange” best fits our churches and cities.

Of course there are certain things that must be mixed together to achieve Orange: leveraged influence, a refined message, an elevated community, an activated family, and an integrated strategy. But when we mix these axioms together, inevitably each church discovers a unique shade of Orange.

These color variations are affected by staff vision and giftedness, key volunteers, facilities, and of course budget. There is no perfect hue!

Below are some links that highlight the many Orange variations found in churches today:

Discovery Church
– Simi Valley, CA
Parker Hill Community Church – Scranton, PA
Ada Bible Church – Grand Rapids, MI
The Bridge Community – Decatur, IN
Wiregrass Church – Dothan AL
Blythefield Hills Baptist Church – Rockford, MI

Todd Clark is a teaching pastor at Christ’s Church of the Valley, Phoenix. Follow him on Twitter.

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